PSBP01 Flexible TPU Case for Blackberry Playbook  - Black

PSBP01 Flexible TPU Case for Blackberry Playbook - Black

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check out impeccas light stylish and flexible tpu cases for the all-new blackberry playbook pc tablets. The easy on-off sleeve fits like a glove to protect your blackberry playbook from dust scratches and fingerprints and its colorful material will enhance your digital lifestyle. All cases and are constructed from durable dust-resistant material to prevent damage through normal handling and their aesthetic good looks add an undeniable stylish dimension to your device. Accessory geeks will love the chance to make a statement through personalizing their tablets with cases that reflect their style personality and attitude. The impecca psbp01 tpu tablet pc case makes carrying your tablet around safe easy and stylish.
available in purple clear and black.

durable construction will protect from scratches

easy on-off sleeve

dust free material

flexible tpu material