Compact LED Light with Accessories for Canon EOS Rebel T6i , T6 , T6s , T5i and T5

Compact LED Light with Accessories for Canon EOS Rebel T6i , T6 , T6s , T5i and T5

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The Digital Compact LED Video Light provides elite lighting efficiency for your photography and videography needs. It stays cool, offering excellent color balance and even light coverage over its 45 Degree illumination range. its lightweight, compact design, which can connect to another VL8K via the left, top or right side for more coverage, makes it the perfect portable accessory. Run with a high-power Li-ion battery, the kit also includes a rapid individual DC battery charger, universal hot shoe and tripod mount.
  • Clear and bright color screen
  • Even illumination
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
Wide Angle Lens Fisheye Lens
The Wide Angle Lens allows for greater peripheral range to be included in the photograph; complimenting greatly architectural, interior, and landscape photography.
When choosing a Wide Angle lens, remember; the smaller the number, the wider the angle. For instance a 0.18x is considered a super Fisheye lens (notorious bubble effect) and a 0.5x is considered just a Wide Angle lens.

55mm Telephoto Lens
The Telephoto Lens Attachment for 55mm Filter Thread is a telephoto lens attachment for cameras with 55mm filter threads. It offers a much narrower angle of view than the camera's lens capability

55mm Close Up Macro Kit Filters
The digital macro filter kit includes four close-up diopters of +1, +2, +4 and +10 magnification with a 55mm thread for easy screw-on attachment, effectively transforming your lens into a crisp macro lens.

55mm Snap-On Lens Cap
Lens Cap Holder
3pc Cleaning Kit