EN-EL14 Replacement Battery, Charger and Accessory Kit

EN-EL14 Replacement Battery, Charger and Accessory Kit

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The Multi-Power Battery Grip allows the Nikon D310 and D3200 to be powered by two EN-EL14 batteries effectively doubling your shooting capacity. The Battery Grip also provides a comfortable vertical grip with an additional shutter release and scroll wheel for easy access to the camera functions when shooting vertically.

The digital camera battery replaces the Nikon EN-EL14. It provides excellent battery life and boasts 3.6V and 1000 mAh.

Replacement EN-EL14 Charger is a Rapid-charge technology which shortens charge time significantly. Compact, durable and lightweight for easy storage

The DSLR hand strap is a black specialty strap designed specifically for SLR cameras. This leatherette hand strap enhances camera stability for free-hand photography and reduces fatigue during long photography sessions.Its soft leatherette cushion and built-in universal tripod socket combines for unparalleled hold and comfort that you have to try to believe.

It includes a rubber hood, Lens Pen, 100 Lens Cleaning Tissue, Lens Pen, Dust Blower, Remote Control and 3pc Cleaning Cloth