Slave Flash with Accessory Kit for All Cameras

Slave Flash with Accessory Kit for All Cameras

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The powerful yet affordable Digital Slave Flash is a sturdy unit with selectable firing and built-in digital slave circuitry. Plus, it has 3 power levels to give you control over light output, and features a switch on the back which allows you to select between the two different triggering modes, making it compatible with any camera on the market.
-Comes with a AA Battery

The Air Blower easily removes dust and dirt particles from your electronic equipment.

The small Lens Pen easily fits in your pocket or camera bag. It features a retractable brush on one end and a spray cleaner on the other end. It also has a convenient clip to keep it in your pocket.

The Small Size Lens Tissue Paper is premium quality lens cleaning tissue.Lens tissue is extremely soft and safe for any optical lens surface - glass or plastic.

This 3 piece cleaning kit is perfect to carry in your camera bag.It includes: 5 cotton swabs, a bottle of cleaning fluid, a soft-tex fiber cloth