Tall Tripod , Flexible Tripod , Backpack and More For Sony Alpha A6000, A6500 ,A5000 and All Sony Cameras

Tall Tripod , Flexible Tripod , Backpack and More For Sony Alpha A6000, A6500 ,A5000 and All Sony Cameras

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50-inch Compact Digital Travel Tripod
Lightweight and sturdy, this 50-inch tripod is ideal for keeping your camera steady in nearly any location, allowing you to capture crisp, clear, steady images with ease. With the use of a tripod, you can freely shoot at slow shutter speeds and extreme telephoto settings, and you can compose shots with precise control for perfect portraits and group pictures.

Flexible Spider Tripod
As any timer-using self-photographer will tell you, having a great stand pays off in each great image it makes possible. The 12 inches Flexi Tripod takes the camera stand concept to new heights, expanding the range of angles and vantage points available to your imagination. You no longer need a flat surface nearby to get a perfect shot; just hang this remarkably versatile tripod from a tree branch, light pole, curtain rod, car exhaust, etc., and youre ready to capture imaginative photos from new perspectives. Our tripod is sturdily built to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. The legs are fully 360 degrees turns flexible and rubberized for gripping convenience. It features a quick release plate for easy access to your camera. It also has a bubble level indicator to get perfect horizons.

100pcs Lens Tissue
Lens tissue is extremely soft and safe for any optical lens surface - glass or plastic.

Digital Pro Sling SLR Backpack
This sling-style backpack offers protection and convenient on-the-go storage for your cameras and accessories. It is made of durable weather- and stain-resistant nylon, and can accommodate up multiple SLR lenses, with room for a camera body and flash unit, memory cards, flash bracket, tripods or cables. The compartmental storage keeps accessories organized and secure and the sling design allows swift, easy access to your equipment.