Vivitar 58mm  Tulip Lens Hood, Collapsible 3 function Rubber Lens Hood and More For Canon T6i

Vivitar 58mm Tulip Lens Hood, Collapsible 3 function Rubber Lens Hood and More For Canon T6i

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New Professional 58mm Collapsible Rubber Lens Hood
Extend to full length for use with a telephoto lens. Collapse midway for wide angle shots. Collapse completely for macro photography or easy and compact storage. Double threaded screw mount also allows you to attach lens caps, filters, or other accessories on the hood itself without the need to remove the hood first.

New Professional Universal 58mm Camera Lens Hood
The addition of a lens hood can help prevent flares-those circles of light that can accompany images where a strong light source is just outside the frame. Easy to use screw mount lens hood screws right onto your lens or filter.

New Side pinch lens cap
snaps onto lens to protect from scratches, moisture, dirt and fingerprints.

NewLens cap keeper
prevents the loss of lens cap. An adhesive-backed disc secures the lens cap to an elastic leash which wraps around the lens barrel. When lens cap is removed from the lens while shooting it hangs out of the way yet secure and within reach for easy retrieval.

NewLens and screen cleaning kit
Includes 3 types of cleaning tools that can keep optics dust, dirt and smudge free. A microfiber cleaning cloth provides the ability to quickly wipe clean front lens element, filters or viewing screen of camera or smartphone. For small areas where microfiber cloth can't reach, 5 swabs are supplied with each having two absorbent ends on a small plastic handle. A bottle cleaning fluid is also provided when stubborn spots are encountered. Fluid may be applied to microfiber cloth or swabs for advanced cleaning.