58mm Color Filters with Accessory Bundle For Canon T5 , T5i , T6 ,T6i and T7i

58mm Color Filters with Accessory Bundle For Canon T5 , T5i , T6 ,T6i and T7i

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Designed for selectively adding a bit of color to your imagery, the 58mm Graduated Color Filter Kit is a seven-piece bundle comprising six different 58mm graduated color filters-yellow, red, gray, purple, orange, and blue-along with a fold-up filter pouch for storing and protecting each of the filters.

This 58mm Digital Filter Kit includes an ND4 filter, a circular polarizer filter, and a UV filter.

This 58mm Pro Series Hard Tulip Shaped Lens Hood prevents image-degrading lens flare by blocking stray light from striking the surface of the lens. It also assists in keeping moisture or wind blown debris off the lens.

Comes with a Professional Tall Tripod

The 12" inch flexible wrapable legs flexible tripod is the perfect complement to your photographic equipment collection. It wraps around branches, polls, chairs, etc. The legs are fully 360° turn flexible and rubberized for gripping convenience. It features a quick release plate for easy access to your camera. It also has a bubble level indicator to get perfect horizons. The lowest height is 5" and can hold up to 6.61 pounds and comes with a micro fiber cloth

This 3 piece cleaning kit is perfect to carry in your camera bag.5 cotton swabs, a bottle of cleaning fluid, a soft-tex fiber cloth

This table top tripod is super compact, lightweight, and collapsible. It has a unique two point expansion system